Roadmap to your Eco-Smart Municipality

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Center for Climate Change starts implementing the project “Roadmap to your Eco-Smart Municipality”.

Project goal is to provide a healthy and clean environment on local level throughout increased use of renewable energy, expanded green spaces, improved energy efficiency in public buildings and increased use of sustainable transport in the everyday life.

Planned activities within the framework of this project are:

  • Developing the Roadmap for eco-smart municipality.

In the framework of this activity is having in prospect the municipalities’ legal obligations in terms of energy efficiency and environmental protection. It will be taken into consideration their potential regarding innovations, technology know-how and available human resources. Additionally will develop coherent and participative roadmap for achieving eco-smart municipality.

  • Implementation of the Roadmap through out several activities

After the development of the roadmap for eco-smart municipality CCC will open a public call for the municipalities to participate and apply the concept of eco-smart municipality. Based on previously set criteria, 2 municipalities will be selected, where any of the following activities will be implemented: installation of 4kW PV station in the municipal yard for charging 3 electric scooters is planned, nursery garden for urban forestry, marking cycling paths, energy efficiency advices for households including quick energy audit for several households, joint actions for waste selection and reuse of waste, joint actions for composting, etc.

  • Communication and dissemination actions

This activity contains three sub-activities: Activity for raising awareness on sustainable development will be conducted during whole project duration directed towards different target groups (youth, pupils, CSOs, local and national authorities, citizens, business sector community), implemented through social media, PR texts published at electronic media and TV and radio promotions. In parallel, activities on building capacities and knowledge organized through at least 4 educational lectures in primary schools for 200 students where the concept of sustainable development and the need for environmental protection will be conducted. At the end of the project, promotion activities for promoting the project results are envisaged aiming to promote the developed roadmap and its implementation at the 2 municipalities.


The project is funded by the US Embassy. Project duration is 1 year, from August 2022 to August 2023.