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Self-assessment tool for sustainability practices in your organisation

Dear organizations,

In front of you is the Self-assessment tool developed within the project "Fostering sustainabe ways to work in the new digital era-SustainABLE" which aims to assist different organizations to change the way of performing their work through implementation of sustainable practices. The Sustainable project is implemented by Center for Climate Change - Gevgelija, BICC - Sandanski, Bulgaria and Geosfera - Bitola and financed by Erasmus+ Program from the European Union.

The aim of this tool is to assist every organization to assess the implementation of the sustainable practices and level of compliance with Sustainability Roadmap. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to go through the self assessment tool, be as honest as possible and if your level of compliance is "non compliant" to check our Guidelines or connect with our team to improve your compliance and level of implementation of the sustainable work practices.

Completing this self-assessment tool is intended to be short and will not take much of your time. In order to see the level of compliance please select the Start button