Bojana Stanojevska Pecurovska

Policy researcher, Environment and Climate Change

Bojana Stanojevska Pecurovska, holds BSc degree in political science and MSc in communications with main field of interest in the policies and legislation on environment and climate change. Her professional carrier has started before almost 15 years in the civil society sector and since then her professional experience is being developed at the area of environmental protection. She has very big experience at managing and implementation of projects of energy efficiency at industry, climate change mitigation, air pollution, waste management as well as raising awareness for environmental protection. In 2010, she has successfully completed the master course on energy, environment and climate change at University of Oslo and at 2012 completed a course on carbon capture and storage. Since 2020 she is enrolled at the Legal studies on the Faculty of Law. She is certified SEA and EIA expert as well as waste manager. Since 2015 she is a president of Center for Climate Change.

Filip Stojanovski

Senior researcher, Climate Change mitigation and Air Quality

Filip Stojanovski holds bachelor degree at Mechanical Engineering and has broad experience at energy efficiency, renewable energy resources, waste management and environmental protection. He has more than 10 years experience at civil society sector working as project manager, coordinator and project developer. In his professional experience he was participating many times at developing scientific studies, researches, analysis on different environmental and energy topics. 

Daniela Mladenovska

Senior researcher, Energy management

Ms. Mladenovska is mechanical engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in energy sector (electricity generation and district heating). Her roles include maintenance, generation process govern and optimization, process analyses, as well as several years at managerial positions. She holds a PhD in technical sciences and since 2018 is appointed as adjunct docent at Mother Teresa University in Skopje. As a consultant participated in preparation of numerous feasibility studies, strategic documents and projects in the area of energy efficiency, low carbon technologies and energy policy. She is UNIDO certified expert in Energy Management Systems (EnMS) implementation and Compressed Air Systems Optimization (CASO). Holds a licenses for Occupational Health and Safety Officer and expert witness in mechanical engineering.