CSO “Center for Climate Change” supported by Civic Mobilitas Programme in July 2020 has started the implementation of the Project “Citizen Platform for monitoring the EU negotiation for chapter 27” with main aim to monitor the EU negotiations for Chapter 27 – environment and climate change, and through cooperation with civil society organization active at environmental and climate sector to prepare shadow report on the current situation, the challenges and future priorities at the environmental and climate sector. By establishing the Platform for monitoring the negotiations for Chapter 27 and preparing the report, the civil society sector strives to have an active and constructive participation in the negotiations as well as to be a partner with public stakeholders, especially the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning. The partnership shall ensure transparency and involvement of all stakeholders in determining the current situation and priorities in the field of environment and climate change.

At the moment Center for Climate Change has launched a call for CSOs to join the Platform for Monitoring the Negotiation on Chapter 27 (P27). The call is open to all organizations working in the field of environment, sustainable development, energy and agriculture, and will be open until November 30th , 2020. Link from the call




The Platform is expected to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to participate and monitor the negotiation process with the EU and to improve their role in the process of approximation and preparation for negotiations with the EU for Chapter 27.

At the same time, in order to achieve the goals and successful functioning of the Platform (P27), several workshops will be realized to raise the knowledge of civil society organizations about the negotiation process with the EU and the requirements of EU legislation for Chapter 27, will be developed communication strategy as well as methodology for monitoring and participation of the CSO at the monitoring process. As part of the project activities several coordination meetings with stakeholders will be also held. As a result of the implemented activities, it is expected in September 2021 to prepare a report on the position of the civil society sector for several sub-chapters under Chapter 27, which will be publicly presented to stakeholders.


During December 2020, the first meeting of the civil society organizations members of the Platform will be held in order to start working on the activities and be operational.


The idea and the need to establish the Platform was born last May when the Republic of North Macedonia held an explanatory meeting on Chapter 27 – Environment and Climate Change in Brussels where the European Commission gave an explanation of the European legislation (directives and regulations) that will be part from the EU negotiations. It is expected that soon  North Macedonia will  start negotiations and will hold its first Inter-government conference. Regardless, it is clear that preparations for the EU negotiations should begin as soon as possible, especially Chapter 27, which is considered one of the most complex and certainly the most expensive of all the other chapters to be negotiated with the EU.


Both, the progress report for 2019 and the one for 2020, note that we are at a certain level of preparation in this sector. Limited progress has been made in further aligning policies and legislation with legislation in key sectors. Implementation and enforcement are still lagging behind and in the coming period the country should focus on implementing measures to improve air quality, waste management, climate change, etc. It is also noted that the administrative capacity at central and local level remains weak and insufficient. Cooperation with civil society has improved, but additional efforts are needed for effective public participation and consultation in decision-making processes, according to the 2019 and 2020 EU progress reports.


Hence, in the preparation process it is very important to have an ongoing dialogue with the relevant stakeholders. According to Chapter 27, one of the most important and very active actors are civil society organizations (CSOs) active in the environment and climate change sectors.

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