Good agricultural practice contributes to the production of food for humans and animals, has the least possible negative impact on the environment, and prevents the depletion and irrational use of resources and means used in agricultural production – soil, water, animals, and plants. Such good agricultural practices are based on the application of agrotechnical and other measures that ensure:

  • a high level of consumer health protection,
  • nature protection,
  • responsible land management, maintenance of soil fertility, its structure and nutrient content,
  • responsible use and protection of water,
  • safe use and storage of plant protection products, equipment for their application, and safe work methods,
  • management of waste (fertilizer) of organic origin and
  • keeping and keeping documentation of the activities on the agricultural property.

The application of agricultural practices in such a responsible way is initially and primarily for the benefit of the farmers themselves because it provides conditions for their production to continue in the future. Preserving the health of farmers and consumers and preserving clean water, land, and air only increase the importance of agriculture by applying these procedures.
For the most part, the requirements for good agricultural practice are included in the cross-compliance manual and refer to things that farmers are obliged to apply according to the laws in the Republic of North Macedonia in the field of agriculture, food safety, veterinary health, and environmental protection, even if they are not beneficiaries of financial support measures in agriculture and rural development. In order to be able to check whether your practice is in accordance with the cross-compliance manual, a digital tool has been developed that gives you an answer about your compliance. Below is a link to a digital tool where you can check your compliance.