Education for indoor air pollution at primary schools in Municipality of Karposh

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The first educational presentation on indoor air pollution was held at the Bratstvo Primary School in the Municipality of Karposh. The presentation on the topic “Air in my school” is the first of the planned presentations that will be realized in all primary schools in the Municipality of Karpos.

The event was attended by third and fifth grade students with physical presence and electronically through the electronic communication platforms ZOOM and Microsoft Teams.

With this activity, the students gained new knowledge about the causes of air pollution, pollutants, types of air pollution and activities that can be taken to reduce air pollution.

At the same time, by the end of this year, educational presentations will be held in the primary schools of the Municipality of Karpos, the primary school “Avram Pisevski”, the primary school “Vera Ciriviri – Trena” and the primary school “Vlado Tasevski”. In all these schools, sensors were installed to monitor the air quality in the school, ie to monitor the concentrations of RM10, RM 2.5, CO2, organic volatile compounds (VOCs) and SO2.

The educational presentations and measurements are held within the project “Increasing awareness about indoor air pollution at primary schools in North Macedonia”, funded by the Australian Embassy in Belgrade.