Training on the topic „Opportunities for business advancement in the Southeast region“

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Center for climate change, on 11 June 2019, will organize a training on the topic „Opportunities for business advancement in the Southeast region“ in Motel Vardar Gevgelija.

The training will present content related to the potential, opportunities and challenges for developing new businesses in the Southeast region, good practices for managing existing businesses, as well as possibilities for planning and monitoring of operating costs from an accounting point of view. At the same time, participants will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in developing an innovative business model as well as planning skills for the organizational model of the company.

The number of participants is limited to 30 participants, and the selection will be made on principle first come first served. Interested participants are required to register their presence at no later than 06.June.2019.

The transport costs will be refunded by attaching a bus ticket, but the refund amount may not exceed 500 den.

The event is organized within the framework of the project „Increase Innovative Business in Sea, Environment and Agriculture and IT“ financed by European Union through the IPA cross- border cooperation program Greece- North Macedonia.

Invitation [Download]

Agenda [Download]