Information session for the Platform for Chapter 27 was held

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On September 28, 2020, an information session was held for the representatives of the civil society organizations in order to inform them about the goals of the project and the opportunities for involvement in it. A brief presentation of the project activities was provided by Filip Stojanovski, project coordinator, while the opportunities for involvement in the project were presented by Jadranka Ivanova, an expert in environmental approximation. At the same time, during the information session, information was presented on Chapter 27-environment, how the negotiations are conducted, the processes and phases of conducting the negotiations, and the new methodology and the enlargement were mentioned. Also, the expert on approximation, Ms. Ivanova spoke about what is being negotiated with the EU, the transition period and the possibility for CSOs to be included in the process of negotiations with the EU for Chapter 27.
At the following link you can see the presentations and the agenda.

Opsta prezentacija za Poglavje 27

Expert presentation-MK