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Aim of the project

Main aim of the project is to increase awareness of general public, relevant authorities as well as pupils and teachers about indoor air pollution at primary schools in North Macedonia and consequences to children’s health from particular exposure to air pollution. In order achieving this the applicant is going to install sensors for PM10, PM 2,5, CO2, VOCs, including temperature and humidity inside the primary schools. Particulate Matter (PM) is the pollutant of greatest concern to health as tiny particles can enter the bloodstream.

Project activities will raise awareness of air pollution in school environments and how it affects children’s health. In the same time the project is going to establish monitoring of indoor air quality at 10 primary schools from Municipality of Karposh. For this purpose, sensors for PM10, PM 2,5, CO2, VOCs, including temperature and humidity are going to be installed inside and around the chosen schools. The monitoring campaign is going to last 6 months starting from October to March and after completing the monitoring a report will be prepared with policy recommendation and further steps that needs to be undertaken. The report and all project results are going to be promoted at the conference where relevant authorities are also going to be invited. Also, during the project implementation capacity building programme for increasing the knowledge and awareness of the pupils is going to be organized. Each school will receive training for up to 60 pupils for the air pollutants and negative health effects from air pollution, including how to protects themselves and what measures to be taken to reduce the air pollution.

The implementation of the project shall contribute towards tackling air pollution in schools and other children’s environments, to advocate for the inclusion of more targeted air pollution education in the curriculum for primary schools and contribute towards more similar initiatives by citizens and CSOs which consequently leads towards better health conditions for children and in general the citizens.

Project duration: June 2020 – June 2021

Funded by: Australian Embassy in Belgrade