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Overall objective: Strengthening the role of CSOs in the field of environment in the process of rapprochement and preparation for negotiations with the EU on Chapter 27.

Specific objective: Strengthening the capacity of CSOs to rapprochement to the EU by stimulating co-operation between CSOs in formulating and communicating common views on CSOs and raising awareness among the general public.

Expected results:

  1. Reinforced capacities of the Macedonian CSOs for monitoring the negotiations with the EU for Chapter 27
  2. Increased awareness of the CSOs on the importance of taking an active role in the negotiations with the EU
  3. Increased awareness of the general public about the benefits of EU accession
  4. Increased cooperation between CSOs and relevant authorities to communicate common views on issues in the field of environment.

 Main activities:

  • Informative meeting for starting the project
  • CSO capacity building seminars
  • Establishment of a national network of CSOs to monitor negotiations with the EU for Chapter 27
  • Handbook for Monitoring EU Negotiations Chapter 27
  • Workshop for the establishment of the national network of CSOs
  • Meetings with the competent authorities
  • Preparation of communication strategy
  • Preparation of a draft report
  • Publication of the report on the position of CSOs
  • Develop a project website;
  • Official presentation of the report on the position of CSO Chapter 27
  • Preparation of press releases, participation in roundtables, TV shows, dissemination of information on social media, monthly newspaper

Project duration: 18 months (01.7.2020 – 31.12.2021)

Financed by: Civica Mobilitas